Google Duplex

Google Duplex: what now?

You’ve probably heard it somewhere this week: that story about a Google appliance making a call to a hairdresser for an appointment. That story was about Google Duplex, which is an experimental new technology by Google. This is about artificial intelligence (AI) interacting with people, which poses quite some ethical questions. Joost discusses Google Duplex, what it could be used for, what it means and of course: how it could impact search and SEO.

Let’s talk about Google Duplex and ethics! »

You need words to show your value

Of course Google’s algorithm has evolved lots of times. Fundamentally though, the focus has never changed and is still on words. Even in this visual age, people need words to be convinced. If you know good copy is essential and would like to improve yourself, our SEO Copywriting training might be the thing you’re looking for! Find out how to write attractive copy for both visitors and search engines. Learn all about keyword research and much more. Videos and quizzes guide you through, step by step. Bonus: get personal feedback on your assignments by a Yoast team member! What are you waiting for?

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Are you better off not blogging?

So, Caroline’s Corner has been one of our blog series for a few months now. Her goal was to tell the story of how she blogs, what it does for her and why she feels blogging is important. Today, she discusses a different angle: why you shouldn’t blog! Or why you should stop the blogging you started. She’s actually got five reasons for you to quit. Find out if she means you, in this post.

Caroline’s Corner: Why you should quit your blog now »

The Gut Guys answer your questions

You folks are awesome! A few weeks ago, we opened a mailbox for questions about Gutenberg and we really enjoyed the response! In this Q&A video, the Gut Guys answer a lot of the questions that came in. You’ll be up to speed on Gutenberg in no time. Here we go!

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